A new collaborative research drug discovery project in Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) has been announced between Ataxia UK, Pfizer Inc, and three GMEC partners; the University of Oxford, University College London and Imperial College London, under the Rare Disease Collaboration initiative.

GMEC is pleased to announce the signing of the first collaborative research projects to be launched under the GMEC/Pfizer Rare Diseases agreement which was announced in 2014.

Queen Mary, University of London has joined the five founder universities in the Global Medical Excellence Cluster (GMEC), tasked with shaping and delivering cutting-edge research and attracting investment in UK healthcare.

GMEC wishes to announce the retirement of Professor Sir Keith Peters as Chairman of the Board, and the appointment of Professor Sir John Bell as new Chairman, effective immediately.

CAMBRIDGE, UK: The University of Cambridge is embarking on a programme of scientific open collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that will involve working alongside GSK scientists and other partner organisations, to advance drug discovery and the development of new medicines.

The published volume from the 2011 conference “Animal Models and Their Value in Predicting Drug Efficacy and Toxicity,” which was jointly presented by the Global Medical Excellence Cluster and the New York Academy of Sciences, is now available (Volume 1245).

For further information please view the NYAS Annals link

Following GMEC’s co-sponsorship with NYAS of the 2 day scientific meeting in September 2011 “Animal Models and Their Value in Predicting Drug Efficacy and Toxicity”, we are pleased to advise that the multimedia eBriefing of the event is now available on the NYAS website.

The Government’s ambitious strategy for Life Sciences represents a major step forward in laying the foundations which will establish the UK as a world leader in biomedical research and development.

Dr Alan Moodie will take over the role of representing GSK at the GMEC Cluster Committee, with immediate effect.

Dr Mark Bodmer, who has represented GSK at the GMEC Cluster Committee, will be stepping down from the role with immediate effect.

The GMEC-IMPP programme has enabled academic research institutions and industry to collaborate effectively at a time of a major economic downturn and the threat that that brings to science.

The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and GMEC, in collaboration with Imperial College London and King’s College London, organized a conference on “Animal Models and Their Value in Predicting Drug Efficacy and Toxicity”, which took place on September 15th – 16th, 2011 in New York City.

GMEC are pleased to announce their co-sponsorship with NYAS of a 2 day scientific meeting 15-16th Sept 2011 “Animal Models and Their Value in Predicting Drug Efficacy and Toxicity”.

GMEC are pleased to welcome Professor Sir Anthony Newman Taylor onto the GMEC Cluster Committee as the representative for founder partner Imperial College London.

Following the announcement that Professor Stephen Smith, Prof Rector (Health) at Imperial College London and Chief Executive of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, is to take up a new international role in Singapore, GMEC would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation for his longstanding commitment and support.

GMEC are pleased to welcome Dr Ruth McKernan onto the GMEC Cluster Committee as the representative for industry partner Pfizer.

GMEC were delighted to have the opportunity of exhibiting recently at The Healthcare Innovation Expo at Excel London, a 2 day premier event developed and supported by the Department of Health.

The UK biomedical research community will soon have access to world-class medical imaging facilities in London with the signing of an agreement between an alliance of leading London-based universities, the Medical Research Council and the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

GMEC are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Sir John Bell to the Board of Directors, representing Oxford University.

GMEC is delighted to be exhibiting at The Healthcare Innovation Expo 2011, which is taking place on 9th & 10th March 2011 at ExCel London. Visit our stand to find out more about GMEC and potential collaborations with the Cluster.

Dr Keith Ruddle has resigned from his position as a Director of the GMEC Board representing Oxford University, following his retirement from the Oxford Said Business School.

Breathless the second of three GMEC sponsored events arranged by the IMPP Programme, will be held at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, London on the evening of Tuesday 16th November 2010.

GMEC are delighted to announce the launch of the new Stroke Partnership programme, incorporating all five founder institutions under the leadership of Prof Martin Brown.

The IMPP Programme has arranged a GMEC sponsored event entitled No Pain, No Gain at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, London on the evening of 7th October 2010.

The Centre for Integrative Mammalian Physiology and Pharmacology will be holding its 3rd Annual National Symposium on Tuesday 28 September 2010 at Imperial College London.

GMEC are delighted to announce the appointment of Gordon Kennedy as Senior Programme Manager, as of beginning of June 2010.

ERBI Conference

2 Jun '10Cambridge

The ERBI Conference is Europe’s largest Life Science and Healthcare gathering and will be held in Cambridge, 2-4th June 2010

GMEC are delighted to announce the appointment of Jutta Roth as Programme Manager, joining the company in May 2010.

Elaine Snell has been appointed as Research Administrator for the Integrative Mammalian Physiology and Pharmacology programme.

BioTrinity is a two day conference with conference programme (panels, workshops and presentations), simultaneous exhibition, and private partnering meetings for all companies involved in the life science industry.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Mark Bodmer onto the GMEC Cluster Committee as the representative for industry partner GlaxoSmithKline.

The Board and Cluster Committee of GMEC met at the conference centre at Queen’s Gate, Imperial College, London on Saturday January 23rd to discuss activities and how the GMEC business model should evolve to meet the needs of its academic, industrial and NHS partners, facilitate the creation of world-class biomedical science and boost inward investment in the cluster.

GMEC Cluster Committee

28 Jan '10King's College London

GMEC Cluster Committee January 2010
The next GMEC Cluster Committee meeting will take place on January 28th 2010 at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London. Attendance is restricted to Cluster Committee members.

The Evelina Children’s Hospital is a purpose built hospital for children at St Thomas’ specialising in paediatric intensive care, cleft lip or palate, and heart and kidney problems. Incorporated within the Evelina Children’s Hospital is the Evelina Hospital School, providing daily education to the patients from 2-19 years old. The Evelina Hospital School’s unique characteristics, built on care, optimism and creativity, are an inspiration to teaching and patient care. As such, GMEC supports the School and is pleased to be allowed to use pictures created by the children to decorate its offices and website.

GMEC collaborator, Dr Rachel McKendry (University College London), and her colleagues recently received a £2 million Grand Challenge award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), for the development of multi-marker nanosensors for HIV diagnosis. The award compliments Dr McKendry’s current GMEC collaboration to develop similar novel diagnostics for other infectious diseases.

Delegates and speakers from the UK, Europe and North America gathered at the Royal Society in London on Tuesday 17th November to attend the GMEC Genetics in Transplantation Workshop. The meeting – the first of its kind in the UK – was set up to address platform technologies and the complexity of statistical analysis between two genomes, donor and recipient, and provide an overview on progress to date in some of the larger studies.

Following the successful conference “Biomarkers in Brain Disease” held in Oxford, United Kingdom on January 26-28, 2009 and co-hosted by the NYAS and GMEC, the proceedings of the meeting are now published and available to purchase here

The event will give an exciting opportunity to hear news and research developments in the areas of genetics, biomarkers and gene expression studies that are relevant to organ transplantation.

GMEC has been a strong supporter of the open innovation Bioscience Campus on the GSK site at Stevenage, UK. We were delighted when Lord Mandelson (Secretary of State BIS) recently announced the agreement to go ahead with this development, supported by joint funding from GSK, the UK Government, The Wellcome Trust, Technology Strategy Board and the East of England Development Agency.

A business plan is under discussion to provide a Centre for Imaging and Biomarkers (CIB) of global significance, to advance the development of personalised medicine in drug development and in clinical practice.

GMEC actively participated in the recent Office of Life Sciences (OLS) initiative to inform UK Government policy in the area of biomedical sciences. The initiative led to the publication on July 14th 2009, of the OLS Blueprint which outlines plans to put innovation at the heart of Healthcare and stated: –

“The Government will support the formation of a UK Life Sciences Super Cluster to co-ordinate work across industry, Higher Education and the NHS, and to boost international recognition of UK life sciences.”
OLS Blueprint, July 2009

Opportunities for In Vivo Science

30 Jun '09Mercure Castle Hotel

GMEC Integrative Mammalian Physiology and Pharmacology Meeting

The meeting aim was to clarify the strategy for the GMEC programme, particularly in relation to the need for animal models that accurately predict the clinical efficacy of therapies. The group also discussed how to ensure efficient technology, procedure and data transfer across the institutions, together with the standardisation of student training methods. The group are currently now identifying the programme priorities.

Biomarkers in Brain Disease

30 Jan '09Said Business School

The development of reliable biomarkers for brain disorders would dramatically accelerate research on the etiology, pathophysiology, disease progression and therapeutic development of many diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.